ArmA Queen's Gambit

ArmA Queen's Gambit 1.14

This is an expansion of ArmA, the game developed by Bohemia Interactive
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Bohemia Interactive

This is an expansion of ArmA, the game developed by Bohemia Interactive, which requires to have ArmA installed to be played. This title adds new weapons and vehicles, but as you would expect from a good expansion, Queen's Gambit brings a lot more. For example, the new vehicles, with the airplane Douglas DC3, the Sundat and coyote trucks with machine-gun in the back, and the civil version of the M988 HMMWV.
In addition, you will have two new campaigns. In the first one, the conflict is in Rahmani and in that way continues the story of ArmA, which is completed with three huge missions, that take place on the island of Rahmani. There are refugees from the SLA forces, with President Richardicz in the front. Despite having only three missions, the idea is extremely ambitious, with many units involved, and will certainly require hours of play.

The second one, is less ambitious and focuses on a group of mercenaries hired by Queen Isabella to investigate a terrorist group who has biological weapons. The scenarios, are the island of Porto and the island of United Sahrani.
You will be able to buy weapons to an weapon dealer, but you will find some troubles in the way to do that mission.

Sound and graphics
In those aspects are similar to the first version but offers us a new element which is the long-distance vision, this is very helpful in the gameplay.

In conclusion, you will have a lot of action and adrenaline.

María Noel Balla
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